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Want to work with the best? Don’t want to spend a fortune on legal agreements? Want to keep all your legal agreements in one place?

Finally, a legal solution for artists, labels and managers who wish to protect themselves whilst also saving money.

Daft Springer Music Contracts introduce in-built fully bespoke revenue share agreements. These allow you to lower upfront costs by sharing in future revenues with a team. For example, you can now negotiate a split of all recording, publishing, live and ancillary revenues with a producer for a discount on their day rate – all without giving away copyrights. You decide how much you share and for how long.

Daft Springer Music Contracts offer all the power of the strongest legal team in the UK having been written with the help of award-winning music law firm Clintons.

Easy, fair and legal – a better way of making deals in music – all stored securely in your Daft Springer app.